Weekdays 11.45am – 2:00pm


truffled mushroom arancini (v) 6pcs


hot sicilian and citrus rainbow olives w toast (v,gf,df)


Halloumi saganaki with thyme & lemon butter (v,gf)



Hot smoked barra salad (V, DF, GF)

ribbon cucumber & carrot, grilled corn, red beans, chickpeas w parsley honey apple cider vinegar


Galbi beef bowl (DF, GF)

mixed wild rice, pickled chilli carrot and radish, shallot , avo, edamame, siracha Mayo


Crispy Pork belly (GF)

kohlrabi and apple pickles, silverbeet, pear & parsnip puree w chat potato


Pan roasted barra 
beetroot, cauliflower dill puree, freekeh, herbal oil


Chicken burger 

sweet gochujang chicken, guacamole, lettuce, tomato w siracha mayo


Seafood pasta

prawn, squid, broccolini, shallot, parmesan cheese w bisque sauce


Daily Lunch Specials


affogato espresso vanilla ice cream and frangelico