11.30am – 3:00pm



Fresh hand shucked Sydney rock oyster`s   $4


Prawn Saganakiw black olives Spanish onion feta and tomato sugo

w pita bread    $19


Char grilled octopus w arugula salad and kleftico sauce    $20


Pickled chilli squid w watercress and fennel salad      $19   


Cured ocean trout en croute w dill cream cheese and cucumber salad    $19


Black lip mussels in garlic and white wine sauce       $19 




Rump steak served rare w salsa verde    $18


Lamb kleftico braised w paprika and garlic served w pita and yogurt    $19


Salt and pepper beef ribs w season salt and house bbq sauce    $20 


Crispy pork belly w pomegranate glaze      $18 


Herb parmesan crusted chicken w arugula salad and aioli    $16  




Roasted chats w truffle oil and parmesan cheese      $15 


Crispy falafels w beetroot and chick pea hommus       $16


Roasted Brussel sprouts w crspy onion caper and lime dressing        $18


Arancini of the week w truffle oil and aioli       $17


Fennel salad w goats cheese grapefruit pinenuts and pomegranate      $18




Penne w wild mushroom, chilli salsa verde and pinenuts       $22


Vegetarian ristto of the day                $23


Pappardelle lamb raghu w tomato sugo               $24       


Spaghetti meatballs w pork and veal in tomato sugo      $26


Pappardelle Marinara w white wine or tomato sugo        $28


Penne prawn and avocado in white wine and garlic cream sauce     $28





Chocolate fondant w crème anglaise     $16


Coconut and lime pannacotta w ginger passionfriut and mango compote    $16


Baked brie w maple and walnut      $16


Apple and cinnamon crepe w mixed berry compote      $16


Affogato espresso vanilla ice cream and frangelico       $16