Single O Coffee

What coffee do you drink every day?

Morso House Blend: Paradox

Taste Profile: Ripe berry, hints of spice & bitter sweet chocolate finish

Suited To: Moments of zen-like contemplation, latte lovers & espresso purists alike

Origins: Limmu Natural ETHIOPIA, Eastern Highlands PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Mogiana BRAZIL

Cold Brew

We picked Firecracker Sumida Edition and combine it with water for approx 12 hours. The coffee slowly infuses into the water, creating a strong, concentrated brew.

Taste Profile: Cherry soda, watermelon & juicy mandarin

Single Origine

Beimar Cecerra, Colombia

Taste Profile: Lemon, Pinot Gris, lychee & butterscotch

Origin: Palermo, Huila

Batch Brew

Remera, Rwanda

Taste Profile: Sweet peach, preserved lemon & rose

Origin: Nyamagambe District, South Province