Cafe Morso is a fully licensed restaurant with the wine list available right from opening time.

Raspberry Bramble
Inspired by the bramble, a cocktail created in the 80s at Fred’s club in Soho. This is a truly British cocktail of origin. With bramble being the bush that blackberries grow from, served with gin how could it not be?
Brookie’s Byron Gin Australian Raspberries, Lemon and Homemade Mascovado
Syrup, built on ice.
The origin of this one is disputed and debated as to the date and person responsible for the creation. Though it is from the early 40s, definitely from Moscow and traditionally served in a copper mug.
Archie Rose Vodka, with our Housemade Ginger and Lime Syrup with Mascavado topped with Sparkling Water.
Ole Fashioned Rye
Originating in the USA in prohibition times as a way to mask the flavor of cheap nasty homemade spirits. Now a way to appreciate them!!! 
Archie Rose White Rye, House Marrachino Cherry Syrup and Bitters. Served on ice.
The lady
Inspired by the white lady, a cocktail designed by Harry McElhone at London’s Ciro club and perfected at His New York club in Paris. This is a take on a truly classic creation.
Brookie’s Byron Gin, Cointreau, Housemade Lemon Syrup, Lemon and Lime Juice, double strained in a Martini glass.
The Garden
This is an adaption of the English Garden Cocktail. The time it was created is not
recorded though it is a cocktail to celebrate Easter, Spring. Perfect for those cold
winter days, that are slowly getting longer.
Brookies Byron Gin, Housemade Lavender Vodka, with Cold Pressed Apple and Lime Juice.
My Tie
This cocktail created in Hollywood California was created by Vic Bergeron AKA!! ”Trader Vic”.  He had a restaurant that made delicious Polynesian food though was famous for his rum based cocktails.
Plantation original Dark &Plantation 3 star White Rum with Cointreau Lime Pink Grapefruit and Bitters. Served on ice.
Pyrmont Slammer
Taken from the Alabama Slammer this cocktail originated at the University of
Alabama in 1975. It is still not known who the first person or first bar to serve this
drink has not been claimed. It is said to be the signature drink of the Alabama Crimson tide football team.
Archie Rose Vodka, Honey Infused Sour Mash Bourbon, Lime Juice and Pomegranate Molasses.
G sling
A take on the famous Singapore Sling Cocktail. Created at the iconic Raffles Bar in Singapore. Cleverly created for the ladies. 1899 is renouned as the time most of the clientele would be sipping on gin and whiskey.
Brookie’s Byron Gin, fresh Pineapple Juice, Mascavado, Cherry Syrup with Fresh
Lemon and Lime. Topped with sparkling water.
Cool Tottie
A Take on the Penicillin Cocktail created by Sam Ross in New York 2005. With a
take as a reminder of the famous Irish totties that warm you on a cold night.
Glenfiddick Blended Whisky, Archie Rose White Rye, Housemade Ginger Syrup, Honey and Lime. Served on ice.
This is a truly great story that helped create the famous Mojito we know today.
In 1586 the Queen’s army was ransacking the West Indies and South America.
Upon arriving in Cuba with only just a few shots fired and a couple of days, they left, “with only half of their gold and a smile”.
Archie Rose Cane Sugar Spirit, Lime, Mint and Housemade Mascavado Syrup.