8am – 11.30am

Breads               $7
rye sourdough/ white sourdough or home baked banana bread / gluten free add 1.5

Eggs your way               $13
poached, scrambled or fried on toasts

Avocado stack (vegan)               $18

Pesto, fresh lime avocado, confit heirloom tomatoes w fresh herbs on sourdough

Truffle eggs               $22

poached eggs, heirloom mushrooms w fresh chilli and truffle oil on sourdough

Chilaquiles (vegan,gf)               $21

Smashed tortillas with confit tomatoes, vegan beans, fresh herbs & smashed avo 

Cured trout scotch eggs              $24 

avocado, pickle cucumber and dill salad

Prosciutto scotch eggs              $24 

garlic mushrooms and fennel arugula and pear salad

Beetroot cured trout               $24 

Poached eggs, avocado, dill cream cheese, pickles on sourdough

Ancient grains bowl  (vegan,gf)               $23

Purple rice ,freekeh, quinoa, edamame with miso kale, mashed avocado, seaweed tahini and seeds

French toast                      $22

Poached apple, mixed berry compote and creme anglaise

Heirloom carrot breakfast bowl  (vegan,gf)     $18   

Poached heirloom carrots w coconut yogurt, mixed berry compote topped with fresh fruit and buckinis

Chia bowl (vegan,gf)               $19

Chia and quinoa mix w coconut yogurt, mango ginger and passionfruit compote, topped with almond and coconut flakes

Baked brie            $21

Poached apple, maple and walnuts

Granola bowl (vegan)               $19

House made granola w coconut yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit and seeds


avocado 5                  confit heirloom tomato 5

mushroom 6               vegan beans        6

prosciutto 6                 bresaola 6    

egg 3