Weekdays 7:30am – 11.30am

rye sourdough/ turkish/ gluten free add 2.5


Free range eggs on toast
poached, scrambled or fried on toasts


Bacon & egg roll
house BBQ & aioli


Pineapple chia pudding

passionfruit pulp, grilled peaches, granola, lemon balm (vegan)


Hollandaise eggs

Poached eggs, grilled tomato, asparagus, hollandaise with tomato dust (gf)


Smash avocado

GF charcoal bread, pico de gallo, basil oil, pepitas and fetta (gf)


French toast

rhubarb puree, poached apples, crumble mix (df)



Pea zucchini fritters

poached eggs, mint pesto, seeds (gf, df)



halloumi 6             avocado 5          sauteed ​mixed ​mushrooms  6

spinach 5              roasted tomato 5          fetta 4  

bacon 5.5           smoked barramundi 6      cured ocean trout 6.5