8am – 11.30am

mixed grains with chilli and lime dressing, edamame with avocado, wakame, grilled asparagus, cured ocean trout, mixed seeds and wasabi mayo (gf) 24.

cherry tomatoes, avocado smashed, pomegranate, fetta, grilled corn, sumac zaatar, mixed seeds on charcoal gf toasts with pomegranate dressing (gf) 18.

cured ocean trout, ​wakame, ​avocado, ​spinach, ​miso ​nut ​butter, poached ​egg on toast 20.

truffle oil scrambled eggs with wild mushroom on rye 22.

fried egg, cheddar cheese, bacon, spinach, tomato relish / BBQ 14.

granola w fresh seasonal fruit with almond milk (vegan) 16. add coconut yogurt  3.

bircher muesli, natural yogurt, fresh seasonal fruit and almond flake 16.

home baked banana bread with mascarpone honey and fresh cut fruits 12.

rye sourdough / soy linseeds 7.  charcoal gluten free bread add 1.5

poached, scrambled or fried eggs on toast 13.


avocado 5             

feta 4    

truffle mushroom 6        

fresh truss tomato 5                   

halloumi  6                 

egg   3                     

bacon 5.5                   

cured ocean trout 6   

spinach  5