Weekday Breakfast


Breakfast Monday to Friday 7am - 11.45am

breads - wholemeal rye, multigrain batard, turkish 6

choice of house made jam / vegemite / peanut butter

quinoa & pepita gluten free bread add 2.5

eggs your way - free range eggs on toast poached, scrambled or fried 13


smoked bacon 5.5                            chorizo hash 6               

gin-cured salmon 6                          halloumi  5.5                

mixed forest mushroom 6             avocado 5

sauteed seasonal greens 6            roasted tomato 5               

fresh tomato 3                                   fetta 4

extra egg 3               

banana bread - served with butter or espresso butter 6

BLAT - smoked bacon, lettuce, smashed avo, toasted tomato with aioli 15 add fried egg 3

greens feta - sauteed seasonal greens, garlic, whipped chilli feta, poached egg serve with toast 19(v)

wild mushroom stackers - field mushrooms, silverbeet, roasted tomato, basil oil and mozzarella cheese 17(v)

king prawn cocktail salad roll - served on soft baguette, prawn salad, celery, coleslaw, dill pickle salsa 19

beef quesadilla - sweet corn, chilli, cheese, tomato, coriander with guacamole 16 add poached egg 3

shakshuka baked eggs - sicilian caponata with beans, meat balls, watercress walnut pesto served with toast 23(veggie option available)

breakfast gnocchi - poached egg, crispy bacon with broccolini and truffle oil  21(veggie option available)

morso bowl - mixed wild rice, gin cured salmon, 63 degree egg, avocado, edamame, coleslaw, wakame seaweed, pickles with sesame soy dressing 24(veggie option available)


espresso 3.5        cold drip 4            regular 4.5            large 5     

extra shot, soy, almond, macadamia milk alternatives 70c      

Organic tea by vivvo 5 

english breakfast            green            earl grey           chamomile

lemongrass ginger     


coke/lemonade 4.5        lemon lime bitters 5.5         kombucha  6.5

sparkling water 750ml  7


orange juice  6.5                                        

‘unearthed’- carrot, beetroot, apple, celery,fennel 7.5

‘greens’ - spinach, pineapple, kale, apple, cucumber, mint 7.5   

‘ginger turmeric’ - carrot, apple, ginger, turmeric 7.5   

‘rose’ - apple, lemon, strawberries, mint 7.5


banana smoothies 7                                         lime coconut shake 9                   

kale, mango, almond smoothies 9

shakes - chocolate / strawberry / caramel 6


pink gin collins - w / elderflower 16                     gin sour 16               

bloody mary / virgin mary  13 / 10                        mimosa 11               

aperol spritz 13                                                           espresso martini 15

negroni 16                                                                     bramble 16

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