Weekday Breakfast

Breakfast Monday to Friday 7am - 11.45am

  • Rice porridge with guava and coconut cream (v, gf) 14.
  • Avocado, feta, soft boiled egg and za’atar on whole wheat toast (v) 15.
  • Pumpkin and chipotle hot cakes, sour cream, bacon jam, pepitas 16.
  • Deluxe double bacon & egg roll, with swiss cheese, tomato relish and rocket  (gf bread available) 15.
  • Hot smoked barramundi, avocado , silverbeet, on crispy tortilla, pico de gallo, coriander, lime and poached FR egg (gf) 20.
  • Risotto of smoked pork, spinach, bacon, gruyere cheese, 63 degree egg & hollandaise(gf) 20.
  • Breakfast gnocchi, soft poached egg, crispy bacon lardons, truffle oil and toast 20.
  • Potato and hot smoked barramundi hash with fresh herbs, chilli and poached free range eggs (gf) 22.
  • Sauteed wild mushrooms, with truffled scrambled eggs, char grilled Sonoma crusty bread (v, gf bread available) 18.
  • Sauteed spring greens, whipped chilli feta, poached eggs and seeds on grilled sonoma bread  (v, gf bread available) 18.
  • Free range eggs; scrambled, fried or poached; whole wheat Sonoma bakery toast and butter (v, gf bread available) 14.

Sides with eggs or toast

  • Slow roasted roma tomatoes with oregano (vegan,gf) 4.
  • Avocado(vegan,gf)  4.
  • Sauteed mixed mushrooms (v,gf)  4.5
  • Sauteed spring greens with chilli and garlic (vegan,gf)  4.
  • Chorizo & Potato Hash (gf) 4.5
  • Chargrilled rindless bacon (gf) 4.5
  • Grilled halloumi (v,gf) 4.
  • House made tomato relish (vegan,gf)2.5
  • House hot smoked barramundi (gf) 5



Espresso coffee roasted in St Peters by Little Marionette 4.5

Cold Drip single origin coffee by Little Marionette 4.

Iced latte 5.

Tippity leaf teas 4.5

Honey soaked Chai Tea with steamed soy; Organic Peppermint tea; Organic Chamomile tea; Gunpowder green tea; English Breakfast tea; Earl Grey tea; Lemongrass and Ginger tea; Bai mu dan (high grown White Tea)


Breakfast Tonics

Bloody Mary absolut vodka, spices, worcester, lemon, tomato  12.

Mimosa prosecco and cold pressed oj  10.

Espresso Martini absolut vodka, kahlua, espresso 14.

Aperol Spritz prosecco, aperol and soda  12.

Cold Pressed Juices by Nectar

‘The Big O’ - Oranges 6.

‘Green With Envy’ - Spinach, Apple, Kale, Celery, Spirulina 7.5.     

‘Up Beet’ - Carrot, Beetroot, Apple, Celery, Lemon and Ginger 7.5.

‘Eagle Eye’ - Carrot, Apple, Orange, Pineapple, Lemon and Turmeric 7.5.

‘Sweet Cheeks’ - Watermelon, Apple, Cucumber, Lime, Raspberry 7.5.

Kombucha Me 

Sparkling Fermented probiotic tea Ginger-Turmeric  6.5


Classic banana smoothie with honey, yogurt and cinnamon 7.5

Dairy free smoothies

Cucumber, strawberry and lemon almond milk, almonds and purified water (vegan, df, gf) 8.5

Banana, mango and kale almond milk, almonds and purified water (vegan, df, gf) 8.5

Milkshakes  7.

Tahitian lime and coconut

Mars Bar Milkshake

Salted caramel and macadamia

Plus classic flavours available

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