Breads  6

wholemeal rye/ mulitigrain/ turkish/ banana bread and gluten free add 2.5

Free range eggs on toast  13

poached, scrambled or fried on toasts 


smoked bacon • 5.5      chorizo hash • 6                  gin-cured salmon • 6           halloumi • 5.5              avocado • 5                   roasted tomato • 5              mixed forest mushroom • 6               fresh tomato • 3            fetta • 4                sauteed seasonal greens • 6            extra egg • 3                 

Home baked organic granola (gf,v)  16

mixed seed & nuts, fresh berries, seasonal fruit, honey & yoghurt 

Greens feta (v)  16

sauteed seasonal greens, garlic, lemon chilli feta, poached egg on toast 

Avo smash (gf, v)  17

pomegranates, danish fetta, confit cherry tomatoes, lemon oil on seeded GF bread 

Mediterranean omelette  19

artichokes, zucchini, eggplant, chorizo, olives with rye bread 

Breakfast risotto (gf)  19

green peas, spanich, bacon and poached egg 

Shakshuka baked eggs  21

sicilian caponata with beans, meat balls, watercress walnut pesto served with toast  

Breakfast gnocchi  21

poached egg, crispy bacon with broccolini and truffle oil 

Morso bowl (gf)  23

mixed wild rice, gin cured salmon, 63 degree egg, avocado, edamame, coleslaw, wakame seaweed, pickles with sesame soy dressing and wasabi mayo 

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